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N.C. Transportation Museum dedicates new equipment

Source: Salisbury Post


SPENCER — The N.C. Transportation Museum dedicated new pieces of rail equipment, an exhibit honoring an essential part of railroading history and two new additions to the museum grounds as part of its 2009 Family Rail Days activities in June.

“It’s been an exceptional year, as we’re showing off a number of improvements at the museum,” said N.C. Transportation Museum Foundation President Roy Johnson.

The N.C. Ports Authority L-3, the N&W coal hopper No .59159, a Norfolk Southern signal bridge, the N.C. Lining Bar Gangs exhibit and the new West Lead railroad track were all dedicated. A pedestrian bridge on the museum grounds since 1996 was also rededicated following recent improvements.

The Ports Authority L-3 was built by General Electric in 1943. The 45-ton switcher was used by the Ports Authority in Wilmington its entire career to switch freight for shipment overseas. The authority also moved and loaded freight brought in by ship.

Donated by the state of North Carolina in 1980, the L-3 is one of the two oldest diesel locomotives at the museum. Following recent efforts and a $2,000 heritage grant from the National Railroad Historical Society, the L-3 has been restored to the condition in which it was used in the late 1970s.



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Steam Locomotives, Train Rides in NC

Enjoy some great train photos from Spencer and others!


Great train photos of trains and railroads in North Carolina from our friend Aaron, who also contributes to!

Visit his galleries:


If you’re interested, please contact us and we’ll put you in touch with Aaron right away!

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Steam Locomotives

Looking for a lost steam engine?

The database which lies behind this site derives from a number of sources. It began from a locomotive list maintained by a man named Tim Bosshardt in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s and was added to based upon a list published by the Tourist Railroad Assocation. Additional input came from thousands of miles of travel by Dale Brown and Doug Bailey, and from other sources too numerous to record or remember. Ownership histories, where we have them at all, came mostly from a text file “ownership guide” submitted by Mark Halford.

Check it out at:!

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Steam Locomotives

Historic Steam Locomotive Rolls Through California


The last steam locomotive built for Union Pacific railroad was welcomed by several hundred history buffs, train buffs and curious Benicians as it rolled through Benicia earlier today as part of a 32-day tour celebrating the 140th anniversary of the driving of the Golden Spike.

Benicia planning commissioner Rick Ernst organized the event and said he didn’t expect more than 50 people to attend. To his surprise, four or five times that number showed up, including Mayor Elizabeth Patterson, Vice-Mayor Tom Campbell and Councilmen Alan Schwartzman and Mike Ioakimedes.

Ernst set up an impromptu Benicia train station (a tent) in hopes that the train would make a temporary stop along its way from Roseville to Oakland — the Western-most destination on its 32-day round-trip journey from Cheyenne, WY.


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Daniel Boone Railroad, Steam Locomotives, Train Rides in NC

The Lost Daniel Boone Railroad of Hillsborough, NC – Version 3.0

In my quest to locate the train or locomotive I used to ride as a small boy with my grandfather in Hillsborough, NC…I have hit many dead ends. However, when I posted a story and photo of me in front of the train on this forum on January 3rd something interesting happened. Click HERE for the initial post.

A gentleman from the Pacific Coast Railroad Company in California posted a comment about the engine known as “Melodia.” Come to find out, his company has the engine and operates it. I was thrilled. I had found the locomotive. I posted a follow-up story from my initial post exclaiming how excited I was to find the engine. Click HERE for the second post.

The gentleman and I began corresponding over email. He asked if I had any other photos of the engine and I told him that all I had found so far was the one of me in front of it as a child (see below).


He then informed me that the engine in this photograph was, in fact, not Melodia. This engine is an old 0-4-0 that the Daniel Boone Railroad used in conjunction with Melodia, which was sold. The railroad continued to use this Cooke 0-4-0 even after Melodia had been sold. I have no recollection of the Daniel Boone Railroad having 2 locomotives. The gentleman was nice enough to share with me that the engine in my picture, old #22, is actually now in Miami at The Gold Coast Railway Museum, in diplorable condition. He sent me a link to it (HERE) with a photograph.


Needless to say, I am somewhat distraught. Here it is. I’ve finally found the engine. And it’s just in sad shape. My plans now are to contact the museum to see what can be done, if anything. I wish I was ridiculously wealthy and could afford to purchase and renovate the locomotive. Oh well, one can only dream.

The Winston Co. No. 48 Miami, FL
Date Action Description
Built For: The Winston Co. #48 at Edgefield, SC
[1934] Sold: Birmingham Rail & Locomotive Co. (dealer)
[05/1935] Sold: Bona-Allen, Inc. at Buford, GA
[Unknown] Sold: Georgia Lumber Co. #22
[Unknown] Sold: Lake Lure Scenic Railroad #22 at Lake Lure, NC
[1969] Sold: Daniel Boone Railroad #22 at Hillsborough, NC
[1983] Sold: James Wells at Fairfax, VA
[1984] Sold: Unknown
[Unknown] Donated: Gold Coast Railway Museum

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Daniel Boone Railroad, Steam Locomotives, Train Rides in NC

Daniel Boone Railroad/Lost Train of Hillsborough, NC – FOUND!!!

Back on January 3rd I posted my story about the train I used to ride with my Grandfather in Hillsborough, NC.

To read it, click HERE.


I have some very vivid and fond memories of the locomotive and train ride. For years I’ve made an effort to find out what happened to the equipment, as it seemed to have just disappeared into thin air. Calls and emails to the people at Daniel Boone Village, now a shopping mall, yielded no results.

However, a funny thing happened. Someone from the Pacific Coast Railroad Company posted on this blog letting me know that they owned it and it’s still in operation. Located 10 miles north of  San Luis Obispo, California, the company apparently owns several engines and operates them often. Great website too. Pics of how the locomotive looks today are on this post.


Needless to say, I was excited to learn this and I’m enjoying digging through their website, learning about the history of the engine and viewing the pictures. For the history of “Melodia”, as it became known as, click HERE.

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