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Train Mountain Railroad Museum – Live Steam Heaven!


Train Mountain Railroad Museum is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of our railroad heritage. It is located in Southern Oregon on over 2000 acres of Ponderosa Pine forest in Klamath County, the home of Crater Lake National Park.

Train Mountain currently has 69,900 feet (13¼ miles) of 7½″ gauge mainline track and 133,250 feet (25¼ miles) of total trackage, which includes yards, sidings, and connector tracks. In the 2004 Guinness World Records™ Train Mountain is recognized as the “Longest Miniature Hobby Railroad”.


Triad Live Steamer’s very own Bill Matson took some amazing photos when he recently visited Train Mountain. To ciew them CLICK HERE!

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Live Steam Hobby, Train Rides in NC

A Train Ride…In Your Back Yard!


The Live Steam hobby has been around for well over 100 years now. Live Steam clubs exist all over the nation. There are at least 3 Live Steam clubs in North Carolina. To find one near you, visit

But, what if you don’t live close to a train ride or a live steam club. Maybe you just want one in your back yard. Why not? Well, here’s a company that does it all. Locomotives, riding cars, cabooses, track, grade crossing, rail screws, switches, frogs….the whole nine yards!

Here’s some info from The Great American Train Company

At The Great American Train Company, we are passionate about trains. We are true railroad enthusiasts with a sincere interest in sharing this wonderful hobby with as many new families as possible. Many of us even have our own 1.5 ” scale railroads installed at our own homes.

GATC is headquartered in Plymouth, Minnesota, USA at our Plymouth Works facility. We are proud that our products are designed and built in the USA. Our people truly care about producing high-quality products that can be enjoyed by a wide range of people.

Every product we sell has been professionally designed and rigorously tested for durability, reliability and safety. You can feel confident your investment in our products will give you many years of enjoyment.

For more information, please visit:

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Live Steam Hobby, Train Rides in NC

Blue Ridge Summit Railroad

In our efforts to cover all the Live Steam clubs in NC we came across this club, located in Wilkes County. At this time we are not certain if the club is still in existence, but we hope so. Last we checked it was completely private, but had an awesome track and layout.


The Blue Ridge Summit was started as a result of a 1980 live steam meet held at Bill Koster’s track, then in Homestead, Florida. Bob Fink’s wife, Helen, asked if anyone would like to purchase an “A” frame cabin and 3 acres of land, next to their property in North Carolina. Bob, though working in Miami, planned to retire and move to the mountains. Bill viewed this as a chance to have a summer place to go to, to cool off from the Florida summer heat. After several years Bill realized that with Bob & himself in the 7 1/2″ gauge size of railroading, they might be able to build a railroad between both properties. Due to the slope of the property, other live steamers scoffed, and said it couldn’t be done. This made them more determined.


After a lot of planning, work started at Summit about 1988. After putting in some track, a shop/storage building was constructed. During the next 10 years, most of the spare time of both Bill & Bob was used in building the railroad. The “Golden Screw” (we use screws instead of spikes) was placed in 1998. Since that time work on the railroad has included improvements and maintenance.


Visit the BLUE RIDGE SUMMIT RAILROAD SITE and view their track layout, pictures, information and more.

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WV’s Cass Scenic Railroad State Park

Cass Scenic Railroad State Park will be hosting Harvest Day on Saturday, September 27. “This is a great family event full of old fashioned fun, live entertainment, and fall colors, capped with a special evening dinner train to Whittaker Station, “according to Dave Caplinger, Park Superintendent.  This event is in addition to Cass’s regular excursions and interpretive programs during the day.

The day includes Mountain dance master Lou Maiuri demonstrating and teaching square dancing and traditional Appalachian danceAntique farm engines and tractors will be on display, many of them operating.

Joe Holbrook and his “Live Steamers” will be offering free train rides on his miniature live steam train. Miniature trains are a duplication of existing engines, operational, and can accommodate passengers.


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Live Steam Hobby, Train Books

Children’s Book About Live Steam Hobby

We have so many train books in our house. Many of them were bought for my son. Many were bought for me and passed down to my son. Many were bought for my Dad, passed down to me…and passed down to my son. A couple of years ago I rummaged through the collection of children’s books about trains at my parent’s house and one book in particular really stood out. The book is titled “Mr. Punnymoon’s Train.”

Also, a few years ago my son and I became members of the live steam club in our area ( We love it. It’s been incredible and he shows no signs of losing interest as he gets older.

This particular book had been my father’s and it stood out to me because it’s the story of an old steam locomotive engineer who retires and can’t find anything to do with his time. His wife suggests he build something in his shop. So, he decides to build a steam engine since that’s all he knows. He builds it, a neighbor suggests an air pump for the chuffing sound and he puts a nice whistle on it. He starts blowing the whistle and children come running from all over the neighborhood all excited. The children ask him to build some cars so they can ride and the engineer does just that. However, there’s nowhere to lay track because his yard is too small.

So, he puts on a nice suit and goes to town to talk to the City Park Commissioner who agress to let the engineer build his railroad in the city park. It’s such an awesome little story and one that parallels our club’s recent development. We’re in the middle of building a new live steam railroad in the city park down in Harrisburg, NC.

Check this book out for yourself and your kids. You’ll love it.

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