Train Books

“The Little Red Caboose”

Little Red Caboose

This is another children’s book about trains that I grew up with. It’s still as popular today as it was 30 years ago.

The story helps improve self-worth as the little red caboose is sad about never getting waves from people like the big steam engine or other cars.

One day as the train starts it’s way up a tall mountain, the train starts to slip and the little red caboose throws on the brakes and works hard to keep the train from sliding down the mountain or derailing.

It manages to hold on long enough for 2 steam engines to come to the rescue and push the train up and over the mountain. So, the little red caboose sves the day and ends up becoming the most p0pular part of the train.

Probably the best lesson here is that you’re never too small to make a difference in life.

Children’s books about trains are magical because of the stories and images that manage to stay in our heads for decades. It’s hard to believe this book was first published in 1952, but I remember loving it as a child…and my 7-year old has loved it since he was born.


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