Train Rides in NC

Trains – Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga!


Published by: juliana, June 08, 2009

 I like Chattanooga. The name alone is great. Chattanooga. Chattanooga. Chattanooooooga! If you say it fast enough, you can almost hear the “chug-a-chug-a” sound of a train roaring by. Being that Chattanooga was once a major railroad and river transportation hub, it was fitting that we stayed at the Chattanooga Choo Choo hotel.

We had only one day off to explore the area, so we zoomed over to Lookout Mountain. We had great plans to ride the world’s steepest railway incline, see the world’s longest underground waterfall at Ruby Falls, and check out the spectacular cliffdrop and gardens at Rock City. We had a great time, took a lot of photos, and went to a lot of gift shops…

 We first went to Ruby Falls, hidden far below ground. It is the deepest cave in America open to the public. Our tour group was hearded through dark and narrow passageways, and we avoided standard cave drippage as best we could. We found stalactite and stalagmites along the way, many of which with food-like resemblance: Meat and potatoes, bacon, and even tobacco leaves. Someone must have been hungry when naming all these formations…


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