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The Lost Daniel Boone Railroad of Hillsborough, NC – Version 3.0

In my quest to locate the train or locomotive I used to ride as a small boy with my grandfather in Hillsborough, NC…I have hit many dead ends. However, when I posted a story and photo of me in front of the train on this forum on January 3rd something interesting happened. Click HERE for the initial post.

A gentleman from the Pacific Coast Railroad Company in California posted a comment about the engine known as “Melodia.” Come to find out, his company has the engine and operates it. I was thrilled. I had found the locomotive. I posted a follow-up story from my initial post exclaiming how excited I was to find the engine. Click HERE for the second post.

The gentleman and I began corresponding over email. He asked if I had any other photos of the engine and I told him that all I had found so far was the one of me in front of it as a child (see below).


He then informed me that the engine in this photograph was, in fact, not Melodia. This engine is an old 0-4-0 that the Daniel Boone Railroad used in conjunction with Melodia, which was sold. The railroad continued to use this Cooke 0-4-0 even after Melodia had been sold. I have no recollection of the Daniel Boone Railroad having 2 locomotives. The gentleman was nice enough to share with me that the engine in my picture, old #22, is actually now in Miami at The Gold Coast Railway Museum, in diplorable condition. He sent me a link to it (HERE) with a photograph.


Needless to say, I am somewhat distraught. Here it is. I’ve finally found the engine. And it’s just in sad shape. My plans now are to contact the museum to see what can be done, if anything. I wish I was ridiculously wealthy and could afford to purchase and renovate the locomotive. Oh well, one can only dream.

The Winston Co. No. 48 Miami, FL
Date Action Description
Built For: The Winston Co. #48 at Edgefield, SC
[1934] Sold: Birmingham Rail & Locomotive Co. (dealer)
[05/1935] Sold: Bona-Allen, Inc. at Buford, GA
[Unknown] Sold: Georgia Lumber Co. #22
[Unknown] Sold: Lake Lure Scenic Railroad #22 at Lake Lure, NC
[1969] Sold: Daniel Boone Railroad #22 at Hillsborough, NC
[1983] Sold: James Wells at Fairfax, VA
[1984] Sold: Unknown
[Unknown] Donated: Gold Coast Railway Museum

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3 thoughts on “The Lost Daniel Boone Railroad of Hillsborough, NC – Version 3.0”

  1. Hello, My name is Duane Butner and my Dad was the lead guitarist on the song you have as the Theme of the Daniel Boone Railroad. Recently, a friend of mine told me of your site.
    I remember my Dad and two of his friends (Joe Kenion, who wrote the song and Jerry Lynch, who played piano came to our home in the Daniel Boone Campground where we lived and made a rough demo of the song. Shortly after that my Dad and Joe went to Nashville TN in the early 1970’s to record this song for Mr. James Freeland, who owned the Daniel Boone Amusement Park. Thus, on the little 45 record the name of the record was B-J records, which stood for Butner-Kenion. In fact, I grew up there riding the Occonechee Special as a little boy. You might also find it interesting to know that the lettering on the train was painted by an Apache Indian named “Apache Joe”. He painted most of all of the rides and signs for Mr. Freeland years ago. It was told to me that he also came from Arizona and when Apache Joe was nine years old he witnessed the US Army escorting Geronimo through the reservation when he was a small boy. Here is another tidbit of info that you might find interesting that deals with this locomotive, Once there was an incident when the train engineer Mr. Warren Hall, who has since passed away was driving the train when he forgot to put water in the steam engine boiler. He had to stop the train and the conductor who was a man by the name of Delmar Tudor had to tell everyone to evacuate the train, or as he said “it’s going to blow up!” Needless to say, everyone ran screaming away from the engine. Fortunately the train did not blow up as Mr. Hall stayed with the engine and cooled down the boiler as to prevent the fire department from putting any water on the hot engine.
    That was just one story I recall about this railroad. I hope you find this interesting.
    Duane Butner.

  2. my name is joe veasey of durham nc , i fired and was the assistant enginner on old 22 with warren hall for several years. i knew naomie the can can girl also robert , delmar tooter and i also remember little duane. great memories ! sam ezzel is probably the only left from the daniel boone railroad.

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