Model Trains

N-Scale Steam w/Sound & Video

Though I’ve posted here a few times over the last year, I haven’t really introduced myself as I should have. I live in central Illinois and model the NKP (in N-scale, obviously). I used to have a pretty large basement layout until we converted the basement into a home theater room. My current layout is along three walls of a spare bedroom, and is set in, say, summer of 1956, when Berks still ruled the mainline, but the triple-stripe diesels were creeping up on them.

Over the past year, inspired by the work of PowersteamGuy (a/k/a Bob), I’ve converted six LL Berkshires, 4 Kato Mikados and most recently two Walthers 0-8-0’s to sound using Soundtraxx Tsunami sound decoders. The Berks have the full size Tsunami and a 14X25mm speaker in the tender; the switchers and Mikes use the new Micro Tsunami and a 15mm round speaker in the tender. In the case of the Berks and the Mikes, I use the Tsunami’s for sound only; motor control is provided by a Lenz Silver Mini mounted in the cab.


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